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The 2018 Athletes Ranking Criteria

Kenya Triathlon Series Rankings


Kenya Triathlon Series Rankings will be used to determine the The Triathlete of The Year

Prize Money will be distributed after the last scoring event according to the ITU World Triathlon Series


Scoring events:

There will be three levels of events included in the series:

Gold Label Events

Silver Label Events

Bronze Label Events


Series Rankings:

The points earned by the winner of each event will be 1250 for the Gold Label, 1000 for the Silver Label and 800 for bronze label events. The points will be points will be decreased by the number 5 for every position

To earn points, athletes must finish within the cut off time which will be determined by adding 50% to the winner’s time in the men’s event and 80% in the women’s event.


Races scoring:

The final score will be obtained by adding the points gained in the Kenya Triathlon Series for every athlete.